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Go Solar-With Solar Power System, No Upfront Cost to You!

Cut Your Electric Bill in Half with your leased or Purchashed Solar Power System from Solar City. Spin Your  Electric Meter Backwards and Get Paid for Generating your own solar energy.
See me for Details or Check out the informative Video below  to see all about Solar Eneergy Facts with your Solar Power System. then click on the link on the left hand side of this page to see if you can qualify for your solar panels for homes. 

To see if your Qualify for this Great Offer

 Listen to the Short Video below to see how Solar Power works

With A SolarLease Start Saving the Moment You Switch to Solar!
The breakthrough SolarLease financing program allows homeowners to lease a solar power system instead of having to buy one.

Incredibly Affordable.

You can install a Solar Power System with $0 down and low monthly payments that are typically much less than your current electric bill—save from day one!

Average cost for a leased solar power system.

Solar Energy facts: System size :               6,016 kWH

Amount Due at Contract Signing:              $0
Amount Due when Installation Begins:    $0.00
Amount Due following Bldg. Inspection: $0.00
Estimated Price per kWh First Year:          $0.1500
Annual Increase:                                             $2.90%
First Year Monthly SolarCity Bill:                $75.20
Lease Term                                                       20 Years

   Get Started Today.

Request a free solar power system consultation to have an advisor do a quick assessment of your solar power potential. Simply Click on the Get Started Link Banner above and to the left side of this page.

A solar power system is customized for your home based on your family's energy use and your home’s architecture, so actual savings and lease or purchase terms vary based on your solar power system size, design, government rebates and local utility rates. $0 due upon lease signing and no security deposit required.

A lease for a 6 kW Solar Power  System starts at approx.  $75 per month.  First month's payment is due after your Solar Power is turned on.

The Company will repair or replace broken warranted components. SolarLease is not available in all areas. Call or Email me for and a detailed Explanation.

Simply Click on the Get Started Link on the Solar City House above  and to the left side of this page.

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